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Cherokee Robot

Cherokee Robot is a multimedia company specializing in indigenous storytelling in interactive media and animations.

Our Current Project

We have many projects in the works. If you’d to learn more about our other projects please check out our project page. If you’d like to help sponsor us so we can continue to make games and animations to help further the Cherokee language and culture check out our Patreon page. Each patron gets perks for their support!

Trickster –

Available in IOS mobile app store and Android!  

Trickster is a free and ad-free mobile game made fully in the Cherokee language. In the game, you must collect Cherokee words that were stolen by the Trickster to get back your Cherokee elders. This is a kid-friendly game that helps them see and hear numbers and colors in Cherokee. Play through six levels and help save the language.

Cherokee Robot Team

This company was founded by Joseph Erb and Matt Mason, citizens of the Cherokee Nation. We live and work in Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee Nation.  Cherokee Robot (CR) is a multimedia company specializing in indigenous storytelling in interactive media and animations. CR specializes in Cherokee language told stories.

Joseph Erb

Joseph Erb

Joseph Erb (Cherokee Nation Citizen)  is an artist, computer animator, film producer, and educator enrolled in the Cherokee Nation. He is an assistant professor at the University of Missouri in the School of Visual Studies. Joseph has spent much of his life working to integrate Cherokee language into the latest technologies. In 2002, Erb created the first ever Native American computer animation, as well as the first ever computer animation in the Cherokee language titled, “The Beginning They Told”.  He has taught animation to Muscogee Creek and Cherokee students using traditional stories in their own Native language.

Erb has spent years working on projects that expanded the use of the Cherokee language in technologies and new media. These projects resulted in several successes such as; Cherokee language on the iPhone, Cherokee Google Search engine, Gmail in Cherokee, Facebook in Cherokee and Microsoft Operating System Windows 8 in Cherokee. He helped to create working relationships between Cherokee Nation and technology companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft that still exist today. His award-winning digital stories are shown in film festivals across the world.  In 2016 he received the Cherokee Nation Community Leadership award and in 2017 he received the Cherokee Nation Community Organization award for strengthening the Cherokee language and culture, including the Remember the Removal program.  His work crosses many disciplines in service to Cherokee community, culture, and language.

Matt Mason

Matt Mason

Matt Mason (Cherokee Nation Citizen) is a musician, computer animator, and game developer. He has worked with Joseph Erb for 15 years creating animations and films in the Cherokee Language. He is a self taught digital computer artist who enjoys being creative but also loves the technology side of creating digital art like programming. He was born and raised in Cherokee and Muskogee county. His mother Pj Gilliam Stewart(Cherokee Potter) had a big impact on him pursuing art as a passion since he was young. He currently lives in Tahlequah where he continues to pursue new projects with Joseph Erb that, they both help will help preserve Cherokee culture and language using current technology.

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